Truth, I Have Found Thee

There are so many today that are lost and in search of the truth.  Politicians are offended by the truth or oblivious to it.  Many think truth is pliable and can be shaped into whatever they want it to mean to them.  In contrast to the modern relativistic view of truth, the Bible proclaims THE TRUTH, as is noted in John 8:32, and fully revealed in John 14:6.  James Frost knew the truth.

James A. FrostTruth, I Have Found Thee

There is no happiness, and peace, that is greater
than that of a soul embracing God……….
It is like the gentleness of a summer’s morning
zephyr, touching delicate fingers to the lips of a rose,
At the touch, our heart becomes a throne room housing
the King of all our tomorrows……..
We immediately put on Heaven’s garments of compassion,
it is a union of love unsurpassed,
Eternity’s secrets are secrets no more, as He
sweeps the strings of our hearts……….
In that moment with its choral rod orchestrating
our life, we want no more,
It is the bonding, the uniting, in the purpose of our creation, and hymns of praise fill our soul……
All the world is bright and beautiful, as we are made
aware of the sunshine of his love that is spilling
The one who directs the stars in their orbit, now
is directing our life, He is the crown of our hearts,
And all of our tommorrows will know beauty, as
His music fills us as no other can!!

J.A. Frost, 1989
“When Jesus comes… Because of Him… I man… have no ending. Amen.”

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