Written by James A. Frost

James A. FrostLooking back on the many times,
when on God my troubles I tried to blame,
Now I can only retrace my steps in tears of shame.
He has so patiently, and gently taught me
to trust and exercise belief,
To walk on shifting sands and to
find His placed firmness for my feet beneath.
Now my life is beautifully filled with
believing every day.
The happiness it brings…, I have no desire
to live any other way.
Oh the utter joy we can experience
When our souls are given wholly to our Lord.
To become a harp in His hands is
to know the sweetest chords.
Never doubting the finality of your
consecration, knowing you walk on Holy ground,
singing because you’re  happy in this
unequalled love you found.

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Read John 10:10.