Mine Is But To Trust

Written by James A. Frost

James A. FrostT’was not the angry sea that separated
the disciples and Jesus on Galilee.
They had forgotten His immutable
counsel, that would keep them free.
It is trusting that brings triumph,
He never denies.
The unbelieving heart only
sees the storm, and cries.
Our storm is a delight to Him,
when at last to Him we go.
How else, except in our valleys, would this
unspeakable fellowship would we know.
As trials will surely come,
they will also surely go.
More and more of His Grace
we will come to know.
My heart knows it cannot be filled with
any other presence, all else is inferior.
Whatever storm, or valley,
it always makes Him dearer!

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Take a look at Matthew 14:22-33. This story is also told in Mark 6:45-52 and John 6:16-21 but without the account of Peter walking on the water. In our daily walk with Christ, we may not walk across water as Peter did, but along the way we will go through difficult, faith-testing circumstances. Our challenge is to not sink into despair during those stormy seas, but to keep looking to Jesus and his miraculous power for help. Mr. Frost brings home a great lesson in this poem. Jesus tells his disciples in Matthew 14:27, “Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.” We can claim that assurance today, no matter what comes our way.

~Samuel Lawrence