Heaven Is Mine

Written by James A. Frost

He chorded the music that He wanted me
alone to know.
He shaped the mystic notes in the
depths, and valleys, so low.
Immortal symphonies orchestrated
especially for me.
His touch carries me to the edge
of eternity.
No longer a veil, the air rushes past
as I am lifted into space.
Irridescent jasper walls pale at
the glow on His face.
Gazing in Holy awe, kneeling in
His presence there.
Angelic voices swelling as the
sweetest music fills the air,
In the land of fulfillment, answers
for the unanswered yet,
He whispers His secrets when the
child and the Father have met.
His presence condemns me, and His
countenance pardons, as I approach
His throne.
Oh thank you Lord for Calvary that
would not leave me alone!

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