God Only, Only God

Written by James Frost:

Ours is to choose God as Master,
to serve Him evermore.
For it is in believing, and then the
richest blessings from Heaven pour.
Then peace becomes our portion, the
kind that only God can give.
Joy, and radient beauty constant,
once we learn how to live.
When His child believes before seeing,
He always brings it into view.
There will never be a time that
His love does not flow to you.
Life become an ocean of meaning
When He is in control.
Entrancing are our every moments
like beautiful flowers unfold,
When His hand is upon our ship’s
helm, stormy winds only fill our sails.
Joy unspeakable…, knowing I
serve a God who never fails!

“God only, only God, may I hear,
To Thy voice my constant ear.”

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