A Grandfather’s Prayer

Written by James Frost:

The laughter of children fills my heart with ecstacy…
Growing in their happiness, on the way to their God appointed destiny.
My prayer, “God give them environs surrounded by loving care,”
“The gifts of peace, of kindness, of encouragement, and love to share.”
“Teach them to receive love gracefully, and give it joyously,”
“To know that true happiness only comes through serving Thee,”
“Give to them a passion, a pathos, for serving their fellow men,”
“Give to them a beautiful bounding heart that ever wins again,”
“Give to them Father, from thy storehouse, consecrated hands,”
“A heart that aches to reach out and touch the world, until they always hear thy commands.”
“Let their heart, and eyes, see the haloed glories that through Heaven’s etheral burn.”
“Fill them with thy loving, and thy tender concern,”
Worthy is the Lamb!

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