Calling all South Carolina Conservatives

Written By: Josh Kimbrell.

Dear South Carolina Conservative,

We wanted to take a moment to personally invite you to join the CEO Round Table of South Carolina and Conservative.SC at our annual “A Greater Freedom” Conference. This exciting event, aimed at bringing together economic and social conservatives across our State, will be held Friday evening, October 1st, at 7pm at First Baptist Church North Spartanburg. We’re excited to announce that U.S. Senator Jim DeMint and SBC Executive Director Dr. Frank Page will be headlining this exciting evening.

Though this event is free-of-charge, and open to the public, we’re planning on providing you with a wealth of information about the current state of affairs in Columbia and Washington. As not to get you fired-up, then shut-out, we’ll have numerous ways for you to get involved in an ongoing effort to reform the culture and politics here in South Carolina. Both during the conference, and afterward in the lobby, there will be ways to get involved with CEO Round Table and Conservative.SC, as well as opportunities to visit with conservative activists from across the State.

Check out Senator DeMint’s invitation video by following this link below:

Make plans to join us on Friday night, October 1st, in Spartanburg!

God Bless,

-Josh Kimbrell
President, CEO Round Table of South Carolina

-Dave Wilson

Josh Kimbrell is President & Chairman of CEO Round Table of South Carolina. CEO stands for “Christians Empowered & Organized.” Part of the mission of CEO Round Table is “to promote a way of life that embraces faith, family, and freedom.”