The Elections are Upon Us

Written By: Josh Kimbrell.

Dear Friends,

It’s been some time since we’ve spoken, and for that I apologize. Tonight, in addition to providing you with a brief update, I wanted to resend you an article I wrote earlier this year, on the difference between classical liberalism and the near tyranny that’s come to define the modern left. Please, consider these thoughts as you cast your ballot next week. Take a minute to re-read… Liberal or Liberalism? A Study in Contrast

For the past several weeks, since our “A Greater Freedom” conference with Senator DeMint, we’ve been laying the foundation for our most ambitious effort to date: “Awaken SC.”

We at the CEO Round Table of South Carolina firmly believe that winning a conservative majority next week is half the battle. Just half. Keeping a conservative majority consistent, well, that’s another thing entirely. That’s why we’re putting together a statewide, county-by-county, campaign to restore South Carolina’s Judeo-Christian Foundations. This effort will be launched on the steps of the South Carolina Statehouse Saturday morning, April 9th, 2011. We’re calling on 5,000 Christians from across our State to join us in Columbia for a time of prayer and reflection on the future of our Nation. If we who know Truth don’t share it now, then the South Carolina, indeed the America, we’ve come to know and love will cease to exist. As Ronald Reagan once remarked, “If we ever forget that we’re ‘One Nation Under God,’ then we’re a Nation gone under.”

Finally, I strongly encourage y’all to vote next week. Our State and Nation are only as good as those who show-up, so let’s show-up in mighty numbers; however, after you cast your ballot, don’t sit on your laurels…the fight goes on. We’ll need you in Columbia in April, as we begin the long trek toward a revitalized South Carolina and a more hopeful America. Together, let’s remind our fellow citizens that Jesus Christ is the answer.

God Bless,

Joshua B. Kimbrell
President & Chairman
CEO Round Table of South Carolina

Josh Kimbrell is President & Chairman of CEO Round Table of South Carolina. CEO stands for “Christians Empowered & Organized.” Part of the mission of CEO Round Table is “to promote a way of life that embraces faith, family, and freedom.”