Let’s Keep Rolling!

Written By: Josh Kimbrell.

Greetings Folks,

Now that Republicans have retaken the House in an electoral movement not seen since 1932, the real work begins. We have an incredible opportunity to bring about real change, which leads to real hope. Here in South Carolina, conservatives now hold EVERY constitutional office at the State level! This is the first time in our State’s history that conservative Republicans have, simultaneously, held each statewide office. Nevertheless, I’d return to my opening statement: now the real work begins.

We’ve learned from Barack Obama that running a great campaign is a far cry from governing effectively. In that same vein, our 3rd President, Thomas Jefferson, offered that “the government that governs best governs least.” We must now work together to rebuild the consensus cultural values which have come to define our State and Country. That’s why we at the CEO Round Table of South Carolina aren’t skipping a beat. We’re working together to bring about a movement in the Palmetto State, which will reinforce our social values, as well as our core, conservative economic principles.

In the coming weeks, we’ll unveil our “Awaken SC” campaign, which will kick-off in Columbia on Saturday morning, April 9th, 2011. For decades political leaders have labeled our home state the “firewall.” Since the Reagan years, South Carolina has stood between presidential aspirants and the possibility of power. Ours is a State where faith, freedom and free-markets have converged to form a culture of conviction, where the values that made America have been cherished.

April 9th we’ll issue a clarion call to 2012 Presidential Contenders that South Carolina will stand-up for America’s founding Judeo-Christian values. In so doing, the Palmetto State has the potential to put the emphasis equally on faith, freedom and free-markets in the battle to replace Barack Obama.

Join us as we work to Awaken SC in time for the 2012 Presidential Election!

Joshua B. Kimbrell
President & Chairman
CEO Round Table of South Carolina

Josh Kimbrell is President & Chairman of CEO Round Table of South Carolina. CEO stands for “Christians Empowered & Organized.” Part of the mission of CEO Round Table is “to promote a way of life that embraces faith, family, and freedom.”