Three words that define your life

Written by Mark Driskill:
August 11, 2011

Read Matthew 4:23-25

Can you think of three words that state your life purpose? Look at the things you spend your energy and resources doing. Do your activities line up with what you consider most important in life? Someone once said; “How you spend each day is how you spend your life.” Jesus spent his days doing what he knew his life was all about. “Teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every disease and affliction among the people.” His life in three words ; Preach, Teach, and Heal.

For many of us I fear the three words would look more like this:

  1. Work, work, work
  2. Party, party, party
  3. Dream, Dream, Dream
  4. Acquire, Acquire, Acquire
  5. Regret, Regret, Regret
  6. Complain, Complain, Complain
  7. Criticize, Criticize, Criticize
  8. Facebook, My Space, Twitter
  9. Drama, Drama, Drama
  10.  Waste, Waste, Waste

Or perhaps your list may contain a combination of the above. You see in Jesus’ life a commitment to the kingdom of God. He came to earth teaching and preaching about the kingdom as something we are invited to take part in now, and demonstrating the power of the kingdom by healing all who would trust him. No doubt Jesus had to eat, pay taxes, and run his life day to day as we all do. But he always made sure that in the midst of that the main theme of his life was clearly the kingdom of God. Again, I ask you. What three words best describe the main theme of your life? Do they reflect a commitment to the kingdom of this world? Or the kingdom of God?

You see it really doesn’t matter what you say you believe about God and life. Your real values come out of what you give yourself to moment by moment. Day by day. You have to live in two kingdoms right now; the kingdom of this world, which is passing away, and the kingdom of God which lasts forever. But you can’t love both kingdoms. You can’t put both kingdoms first.

The great deception is that you have no choice but to live for this world. But Jesus shows us that what you live for really is up to you. One day very soon your life will be over. When this precious life is over and the time comes to sum it all up in three words what would you like those words to be?

In case you’re having trouble let me give you a list to work with:

  1. Faith, hope, love
  2. Praise the Lord
  3. Pray without ceasing
  4. Trust and obey
  5. Walk by faith
  6. Shine your light
  7. Ask, Seek, Knock
  8. Encourage one another
  9. Let love continue
  10. Love one another

Take charge of your life and make it count for the kingdom of God. The kingdom is at hand!

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