His Joy

Written by James Frost:

We are dwarfed in our attainments
for Him, when Heaven wants its
blessings to pour,
More steps in His Grace, and then
our heart will soar.
God needs hearts that will throb
with the bosom of the lonely,
Not even an Angel can do the job
that He gave to you only.
Into the deep of the Father’s will
is the joy that only He can give,
Constant in His purpose is the
happiest way to live.
Let Thy glory shine out from me,
May this be my prayer, may my
eyes stay fixed upon thee.
Always embracing with purest ardor,
Not my will but thine,
Until my heart is filled with thy
music divine.
His glory shall be wrung from us only when
we are surrendered and believing,
Into the deep of the Holy Spirit, then
true joy we will be receiving.

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