Are you too Spiritual for God?

Written by Pastor Mark Driskill.
March 2, 2012.

Read John 3:12.

“If I tell you earthy things and you do not believe, how can you believe if I tell you heavenly things?”

If I am not willing to listen to God in the earthly realm of my life then I cannot expect to hear from God on a higher level. Some of us have made the mistake of being too spiritual to be of any good for God. We pine away in prayer asking for a greater spiritual revelation of God. We weep and sway and cry out for visions in the night and voices from on high.

Oh how deep we become in worship begging for the Holy one to reveal himself in some mystical experience. But we have forgotten to listen to his voice in the earthly realm. We are so busy seeking him in the secret place that we walk right past him in the public place. All day long he speaks to us and shows us his face through the people around us calling to us for help and hope. But we have no time for them because we are racing to our private place in search of a vision.

Have we forgotten that Jesus, in talking of the kingdom, points to the child needing a drink of water, and the widow with less than a penny to her name, and the desperate woman pouring out an unforgettable bottle of perfume? Have we forgotten that Jesus said the Kingdom is in your midst? Friends I am challenged to remember that I have to learn to listen to God in the earthly things before I will ever be able to hear his voice in the heavenlies. Learn to hear him in the office, and on the street corner. Look for his face in the eyes of that cynical neighbor or that annoying student. Hear what he says to you through the sound of hammers and saws singing praises to God after the tornado has passed. Catch a glimpse of him in the nursing home and get a vision of his glory in the E.R.

Once you have learned to hear him in the earthly realms you will be more able to understand when he comes to you in those rare mystical moments. You see as you do this you will realize that both the physical and spiritual realms are connected. You cannot separate spiritual life from earthly life. One flows into the other. Who you are in the prayer closet must become consistent with who you are at the ball game on Friday night. Otherwise you are a hypocrite.

Are you frustrated that God has not given you any visions in the night? are you fasting for a greater revelation which is slow in coming? Maybe God is calling you to climb down from your altar and find him serving in the streets. Then he can fulfill the answer to the prayer , “You will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” And you will be the vehicle through which it happens.

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