Forget the Anti-Christ, and look for Christ!

Read Mark 3:22-30.

“For they were saying, ‘he has an unclean spirit.’” v. 30

If some of God’s people spent as much time seeking the Lord as they spend seeking the devil we would have a national revival on our hands within a month. Why are we so much more interested in pointing out heresy than in seeking truth? Jesus warned that those who see Satan in everyone and everything run the danger of committing the unforgiveable sin. Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is the one sin our Lord simply will not forgive. It happens, not in an instant, but over time. When a person becomes so completely hardened against the work of the Holy Spirit, that they begin to attribute it to Satan, and the scribes did here, “for they were saying, ‘he has an unclean spirit.’ ” They fall into an unforgiveable darkness of the soul.

This sobering warning came as Jesus was being criticized for casting out demons. The scribes attributed his work to the work of Satan himself. The scribes were appointed as teachers of the people and advisors to the priests. Their job was to interpret the law. In essence they were appointed to seek God’s truth. Admittedly there is value in pointing out evil and even confronting it. But the scribes, of all people, should have recognized who Jesus was, since they understood the Old Testament scriptures better than anyone. But they were so preoccupied with finding something evil in our Lord that they only saw the prince of demons, instead of the prince of peace. If they had put as much energy into searching for messiah in the scriptures they surely would have recognized him. But their obsession with darkness caused them to teeter on the edge of an eternal sin. This ought to strike fear in our hearts when we become more aware of what Satan might be doing than what God is up to. Jesus warns us here, that we can become so focused on darkness that we fall headlong into it.

If you go online and google any Christian leader in our country you will find this. No matter who you look up, you will find at least one article or website calling them a false prophet, or a heretic, and in some cases, the antichrist. You can find entire websites devoted to digging up the dirt on God’s people. Some guy with no life decides it’s his mission to point out what’s wrong with everyone else. I guess that’s easier than dealing with your own darkness. It’s amazing how adept we are at finding Satan behind every rock, while expressing difficulty in finding God. We don’t believe God speaks to people, but we’re convinced that Satan does. I once was scrolling through the channels on my television. I had just gotten a new signal receiver for my Dish and was checking it out. It occurred to me that you can find whatever you’re looking for on that thing. As I was removing the misnamed, “adult channels” from my television universe, it occurred to me that this is an illustration of life. You can find whatever you really want to find in life. If you want to find the devil, you can find him in everyone and everything. But if you really want to find God you certainly can, “Whoever seeks finds.” as Jesus said. It all depends on what you are anxious to uncover. If you want filth you can find it. If you want faith, you can find that too. This is why the lord so often calls us to, “seek my face”.

Friends, we need to be aware of the tricks of the enemy, and at times, expose the deeds of darkness. But I’ve found that the more we seek the Lord, and concentrate on knowing him and finding what God is up to in the world, the less chance we have of falling into darkness. I wonder how many ways you and I will see God at work today. I wonder where we will find him. “You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” (Jeremiah 29:13  ) Seeking the Lord with all your heart leaves no room to seek the Devil. So seek the Lord today. Satan has had enough of our attention.

Devotional from: Begotten by the Word

Pastor Mark Driskill
Bio: My wife, four children and I live in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. We have been ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ here since 1991. Our mission is to “bless the families of the earth”. We pastor a Baptist church, and a Mennonite Youth camp, and I teach at a Free Methodist Boarding School. I also travel to developing nations every one or two years to train pastors and minister to the unreached. Life is a joy when lived with Jesus Christ. He gives us purpose and direction. We look forward to spending eternity in his presence. Come along with us.

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