Culture WarAmerica has been in the midst of a culture war for decades. Since the 1930’s, Religious Secular Humanists have been openly and viciously attacking Christianity and the Christian principles upon which our nation was founded, and as a result our freedoms are being lost and government tyranny is creeping in and consuming our liberties with each passing day.

This section provides resources and information exposing the liberal and secular progressive culture war. Most, if not all, social issues social conservatives fight against are rooted in Secular Humanism (i.e abortion, evolution, feminism, radical homosexuality and sexual perversion, radical environmentalism, and socialism, just to name a few). Sadly, our public education system has been the indoctrination centers for the godless religion of secular humanism.

Conflicting Worldviews: Are We Going Full Speed Backward To Paganism?, a treatise, written by Miss Lottie Beth Hobbs, exposing dangerous world views that weaken and destroy Christian values.

Is Humanism Molesting Your Child? a treatise, published by Miss Lottie Beth Hobbs, exposing how Secular Humanists have infiltrated the classrooms and have indoctrinated many generations into this anti-Christian worldview.

NOT “Just Another Sin”  Pastor Scott Lively, J.D., Th.D.: The Bible identifies rampant homosexuality in society as the harbinger of God’s wrath.  It is decidedly Not “just another sin.”

Re-Shaping America’s Christian Values Through Public Education:  Very pertinent and enlightening quotes regarding the US educational system.

Separation of Church and StateHistorical Fact or Myth? A treatise written by Rep. William D. Graves, lawyer and author of Oklahoma’s voluntary school prayer law, which he successfully defended in U.S. District Court.

The Dismantling of America’s Christian Heritage:  The Silencing of God series with Dr. Dave Miller covering the dismantling of America’s Christians heritage. Was this nation founded on Biblical Principles? Were our founding fathers atheists? What is the truth? Does the constitution endorse separation of church and state?

The Religious Face of Humanism, By: Robert L. Waggoner.  If modern humanism claims to be a religion, has characteristics of a religion, acts like a religion, and also has been declared, legally, to be a religion, then it must be a religion.  Read and decide for yourself.

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