Is Humanism Molesting Your Child?

Adapted from a leaflet by Lottie Beth Hobbs (Used with permission)

In this article the following topics will be discussed:

  • What Is Humanism?
  • How Is It Indoctrinated?
  • How Is It Disguised?
  • How Can It Affect Your Child?
  • How Can You Help Your Child?

What Is Humanism?


  • Denies the deity of God, the inspiration of the Bible, and the divinity of Jesus Christ.
  • Denies the existence of the soul, life after death, salvation and heaven, damnation and hell.
  • Denies the biblical account of creation.
  • Believes that there are no absolutes, no right, and no wrong – that moral values are self-determined and situational. Do your own thing, “as long as it does not harm anyone else.”
  • Believes in removal of distinctive roles of male and female.
  • Believes in sexual freedom between consenting individuals, regardless of age, including premarital sex, homosexuality, lesbianism, and incest.
  • Believes in the right to abortion, euthanasia (mercy killing), and suicide.
  • Believes in equal distribution of America’s wealth to reduce poverty and bring about equality.
  • Believes in control of the environment, control of energy and its limitation.
  • Believes in removal of American patriotism and the free enterprise system, dis­armament and the creation of a one-world socialistic government. 1

Humanism is referred to by Humanists as a “faith” and a “religion.”

It was declared by the U. S. Supreme Court to be a religion. Does this religion have effective Sunday Schools? Not exactly Sunday Schools. It does have effective Monday through Friday schools. That’s right! Our public schools indoctrinate this godless religion. Doesn’t the Constitution require separation of church and state? Yes, indeed! However, schools are rapidly changing from traditional education to “change agents” for Humanism. Who pays for it? YOU DO!

Read The Religious Face of Humanism (By: Robert L. Waggoner) and decide for yourself.  If modern humanism claims to be a religion, has characteristics of a religion, acts like a religion, and also has been declared, legally, to be a religion, then it must be a religion.

How Is It Indoctrinated?

How could such complex issues of Humanism possibly be indoctrinated into your child in elementary or high school? It is NOT BY ACCIDENT. Under Lenin and Stalin, Pavlov de­veloped the technique of conditioning dogs to bring about the desired results: and from this beginning, Humanist psychologists and behavioral scientists successfully developed techniques which can GRADUALLY CHANGE YOUR CHILD’S CONSCIENCE, PERSONALITY, VALUES. AND BEHAVIOR

An extensively used technique is Values Clarification, which can be used to con­vince the child that he or she, has the right to develop HIS or HER OWN personal values, free from parental influence and authority, and also free from religious in­fluences. It can further convince the child that there are NO ABSOLUTES. NO RIGHT. NO WRONG. The child is told that whatever value he chooses is right for him, as long as he uses their seven-step method. To arrive at his value, he or she is to:

  1. Choose the value freely. (Free from parental guidance and religious morals of right and wrong).
  2. Choose from alternatives. (Choose from alter­natives, including those DIFFERENT from parental values, such as to have premarital sex or not to have premarital sex).
  3. Choose after considering the consequences. (What child can see far enough ahead to fully realize the adverse consequences of such a blind course of action?).
  4. Prize and cherish the value. (Cherish the value because his or her own personal feelings have guided him to choose what is most important to him).
  5. Publicly confess or affirm the value. (Be cour­ageous enough to bravely take a stand and to influence peers).
  6. Act on the value. (If he chooses premarital sex as his value, he is to take action and carry it out).
  7. Act upon the value regularly. (Live by the value consistently to establish it as his or her chosen be­havior. He or she does his or her own thing). (parenthetical comments added).

Other Humanistic strategies for be­havioral change are role playing, whereby the child acts out emotional situations such as conflicts with parents, also magic circles, value appraisal scales, questionnaires, diaries, journals, public in­terviews, etc. Survival games and open-ended situa­tions of “What would you do if … ?” develop situation ethics, to say the least.

Whatever the strategy, the objective is basically the same – to get your child to reveal his very heart, soul, mind, and even his subcon­scious thoughts before his peers and teacher. In turn the peer group openly discusses his personal feelings and values and challenges him to defend his values and how he arrived at them. (Peers who challenge seldom accept values resulting from parental and religious influence). A child’s only defense for some values may be that the parents that he loves hold the same values. Thus, both the child’s values and the parents’ values are subjected to open criticism from peers when his values differ from theirs. Skilled “change agents” (teachers) can mani­pulate discussions to create peer pressure for con­formity to non-Christian standards. They have been known to intimidate slow conformers.

Values education frequently incor­porates the above techniques and strat­egies with these issues:

Premarital sex Racial equality Anger
Extramarital sex Drugs Fear
Homosexuality Death Hate
Lesbianism Mercy killing Love
Incest War Marriage
Women’s liberation Ecology / Extreme Environmentalism Divorce
Abortion Communism / Socialism Family conflicts
Contraceptives Free enterprise Parental values
Poverty Disarmament Interdependence (one-world government)
Police brutality Church

Are these issues on which you want your child to choose his values, free from your influence, and free from any standard of RIGHT AND WRONG?

Isn’t it time for parents to demand that Humanism be removed from our schools? Isn’t it time for parents to demand that schools educate our children in academic skills instead of Humanistic values?

How Is It Disguised?

Determining the extent of Humanism in the school requires some detective work. Terms of designation are constantly chang­ing. It may be called values education, valuing skills, values clarification, self-awareness, decision-making, self-acceptance, Interpersonal relation skills, etc. Films, textbooks and library books fre­quently contain Humanism and provide excellent opportunities for open “honest” discussion that includes teacher pressure and peer pressure. Curri­culums often contain courses on human (Humanis­tic?) sexuality and family living. Or, sex education may be sandwiched in with reading, history, health, biology, etc.

Note that textbooks and teacher’s manuals are not essential for implement­ing Humanism. More and more teachers are being trained with our tax dollars to be effective “change agents” and to sneak Humanism into the classroom. They are encouraged to be “models” for desired behavioral changes. Fortunately, some schools and teachers are resisting the thrust of Humanism. However, some are rushing forward to create a new social order.

How Can It Affect Your Child?

His conscience can be slowly remolded until ultimately he recognizes no need for God and parental values. Parents are por­trayed as unloving, uncaring, and inadequate. Slowly, children are conditioned to view their parents with distrust and disrespect. Alienation often results.  Serious emotional problems, serious moral prob­lems, and serious spiritual problems often occur.


How Can You Help Your Child?

  1. The very best way to protect your child from Humanistic indoctrination is to teach them at home.
  2. The next best way is to seek out a private Christian School that teaches academics from a Christian Worldview and not a Secular Humanistic Wolrldview.
  3. If neither of the two option above are viable choices, then become actively involved and engaged in your child’s School:


  • Examine your child’s library and text­books for immoral, anti-family, and anti-American content. Arrange to view films shown in class­rooms. Objectionable material should be taken to the principal. If he is unresponsive, go to the super­intendent, and then to school board members one at a time. If necessary, get the support of other parents and go to the entire school board. Voice your views to the state school board, state legis­lators, governor, and U.S. congressmen.
  • Teach your child to recognize Human­ism and its techniques and strategies. Humanism in the school is unconstitutional; and your child, as well as the teacher, should be aware of his or her constitutional rights of separation of church and state. President Carter signed into law the Hatch Amendment to the ESEA Act. This amend­ment gives you and your child protection from in­vasion of privacy. You may instruct your child to refuse to discuss, orally or in writing, his personal feelings about his private life, social issues, or con­troversial political issues. Discussing personal feelings of a third person, such as Jane or John, is another deceptive invasion of privacy.
  • You may assure your child that refusal to discuss his personal feelings is not a symptom of mental illness. Role-playing was developed for mental patients and criminals. Your child should be aware that role playing, games in­volving “What would you do if …. ?” and games involving suicide and mercy killings can cause emotional trauma. He should inform you when ex­posed to any Humanistic technique or strategy.
  • Help alert other parents. Share this article, “Is Humanism Molesting Your Child?” to twenty­-five or more parents. Ask them to share it with twenty-five of their friends, and these in turn to give copies to their friends.

Rev. Sam LawrenceEditorial commentary added by Samuel Lawrence

Secular Humanism became a major force in our moral decline in the 20th century and has spread like a cancer throughout our society.  It pervades the public classroom from K-4 through College.  It has infested our institutions of higher learning and the vast majority of seminaries in most denominations.  A few schools, Like North Greenville University, have developed Christian Worldview Centers, where Secular Humanism is exposed and the Christian Worldview is taught.

Churches and denominations have been inundated by the influences of Secular Humanistic teachings.  Children are indoctrinated from Kindergarten on in public schools and this has been done for many generations and now even many of the followers of Jesus Christ in America  hold to a humanistic worldview rather than espousing a Christian worldview.  This has also led to denominations adopting Humanistic views on a wide range of moral issues like gay marriage, homosexuality, abortion, divorce, the authority and inerrancy of Scripture, etc.  These beliefs run contrary to Biblical virtues of morality and therefore conflict has arisen among Christians who believe the Bible and those who adopt Humanistic worldview.

Secular Humanists proclaim that freeing yourself of the repressive restraints of religion will somehow lead to a better and “moral society.”  They decry any law that hints of following Biblical guidelines on morality, especially in regard to sexuality.  Humanists loudly proclaim that “you cannot legislate morality.”  The truth is that every law legislates someone’s morality and worldview.  Up until the 1960, most laws on morality were based upon Judeo-Christian beliefs as found in Scripture.  There were laws against abortion, adultery, homosexuality and other sinful behaviors.  Today, most of these sinful behaviors are not only not punishable by law, today those who preach against such sinful behaviors are criticized, demonized and under the new hate crimes laws, can face civil and criminal penalties.

Secular Humanists espouse the idea of social evolution where mankind’s morality evolves in much the same manner as the way they profess creation evolved.  “Truth” also is evolving and is relative to the whims of the day. Internet users do not have to surf the web very long to find the most ungodly sexual perversions imaginable.  Graphic pornography has proliferated on the Internet and Christians and unbelievers alike are exposing themselves to the most debased forms of sexual perversion that can be imagined.  Our society abounds in abortion, illicit sex, pregnancies out of wedlock, divorce, adultery, addictions, theft, murders, gang violence, rape, pedophilia and all sorts of debauchery imaginable.  So, eliminating Christian morality and teachings from classrooms and indoctrinating our society in Secular Humanism the past 75+ years has not produced morality in any real sense of the word.  If anything, we have been speeding backwards to complete hedonistic paganism.

In the 2nd law of thermodynamics: Physicist Lord Kelvin stated it technically as follows:

“There is no natural process the only result of which is to cool a heat reservoir and do external work.” In more understandable terms, this law observes the fact that the useable energy in the universe is becoming less and less. Ultimately there would be no available energy left. Stemming from this fact we find that the most probable state for any natural system is one of disorder. All natural systems degenerate when left to themselves.2

Christians who believe the Genesis account of Creation and those who support the Intelligent Design theory of Creation, and all those who find problems with the Darwinian Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory often refer to this Law of Physics in that nature tend more to devolve rather than evolve.  This is certainly the case in social evolution. Under Humanism, our culture has devolved into chaos.  Man, in his state of original sin and total depravity, cannot possibly evolve socially and morally apart from following God’s commandments.


1.   Humanist Manifestos 1 & 2, Promethius Books, Buffalo, NY

The Aspen Institute for Humanistic  Studies, Freemen Digest, Provo Utah

2. Lord Kelvin as quoted in A.W. Smith and J.N. Cooper, Elements of Physics, 8th edition (New York, New York: McGraw-Hill Publishing, 1972), p. 241.

Educate yourself.

Material suggested by the Lottie Beth Hobbs and Pro-Family Forum:

Humanist Manifestos I and II – humanist publi­cation of their basic creed.

Values Clarification by humanists Simon, Howe. and Kirschenbaum. 79 strategies: widely used; includes 7 -step “valuing process” pre­viously mentioned.

The Aspen Institute for Humanistic -Studies ­reveals national goals and personalities in­volved in prominent humanist “think tank”.

The Assault on the Family by pro-family psy­chiatrist Dr. James Parsons.

Why Are You Losing Your Children? by Bar­bara Morris.

Change Agents in the Schools by Barbara Mor­ris – an expanded discussion of why you are losing your children.

The Hate Factory, by Erica Carle – with em­phasis on the impact of social science.

Secular Humanism in the Schools: The Issue Whose Time Has Come, by Dr. Onalee McGraw.

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