Bible3Welcome to our daily devotional library.  The Links below offer additional devotional resources, both on our web site, plus a links for many more devotional resources.  Here you will find many online resources to help inspire you as read one or many inspirational writings from various authors.

Begotten by the Word: Written by Pastor Mark Driskill, Web Minister of Begotten By the Word web ministry, P.O. Box 1159, Jackson, KY 41339, Email: Find Pastor Mark on Facebook.  Begotten By the Word is a ministry of Helping Hands Christian resources-Evangelism Outreach

Charles H. Spurgeon: This section contains the classic “C.H. Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening Devotional.  PROBABLY THE MOST LOVED and best known devotional, millions of Christians have been blessed by Spurgeon’s writings, every day for over a hundred years. The devotional for the current date will automatically update, and is different each Morning and Evening.

Elisabeth Elliot: Elisabeth Elliot’s Daily Devotional, Offering wisdom and insight for dealing with life’s difficulties

James Frost: These devotions were written by James A. Frost (July 6, 1920 – April 21, 1993).  These inspirational poems and musings from the heart offer readings to provoke thought, and to inspire and encourage you.

T.G.I.F:  Stands for “Today God Is First. ”  This is a daily devotion published by Marketplace Leaders.  Marketplace Leaders exists to help men and women discover and fulfill God’s complete purposes for them in their lives and work.


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